Progression Terrain Park Popularity:
The fast growing popularity of progression freestyle parks is credited to the ease which new skiers and boarders develop basic skills and build confidence. Due to repetitive nature of terrain park runs and large assortment of features, skiers and boarders experience a much shorter learning curve compared to larger resort style ski areas. Skiers and boarders can continue to expand their skill set as they begin to explore freestyle moves and tricks on the intermediate runs and jump lines. Gateway Hills Snow park is the perfect learning area for skiers and boarders who want to learn and play in a freestyle park before venturing to a mountain resort.

Progression Terrain Park Layout:

Gateway Hills Snow park is a progression freestyle terrain park designed for beginner to intermediate skiers and snow boarders of all ages. The park layout includes approximately 8 run lines and over 32 features.  Each 125 yard run line includes 3 to 4 similarly sized features on up to four rolling terraces.  The run lines progress in difficulty from left side of the hill to the right side of the hill.  The park is serviced by an easy to ride “Magic Carpet” to transport riders from the base of the hill to the top of the hill in just a few minutes.  

Beginner Runs:
The beginner runs begin on the left side of the hill and is the perfect place for new skiers and boarders to learn  basic hill skills of starting, turning and stopping on an easy terrain with small rolling terraces.  The gradual slope and wide open area is ideal for building confidence while acclimating to your new gear. 

Beginner to Intermediate Runs:

Once basic hill skills are developed, skiers and boarders are ready to progress to the beginner-intermediate runs and features.  These features are  small in scale, range for 8 to 16 feet long and  between 12 inches to 24 inches above the snow.  Beginner-intermediate runs begin on the right side of the “Magic Carpet” and include flat boxes, flat down boxes, rainbow boxes, flat rails, corrugated tubes and small jumps all situated on four rolling terraces. Through practice and repetition skiers and boarders can master basic skills and begin to develop intermediate skills of jumping on and off features as they make their way down the hill.

Intermediate Runs:

The final progression step at Gateway Hills is to learn and develop intermediate skills required for medium size features on the intermediate level runs. Here you will find the same style boxes and rails found in the beginner-intermediate runs however these features are up to 24 feet long and  24 to 42 inches above the snow.  The intermediate runs are more challenging providing skiers and snow boarders opportunity to hone their skills and develop personal style and techniques. 

Jump Line:
Last but not least in our intermediate run line up is our double jump line.  Intermediate skiers and snow boarders can practice aerials for the first time.  At the top of the Jump Line is our 6 to 10 foot drop in area.  The first jump is a 4 to 6 foot ramp with flat top and large sloped landing area.  The second jump is slightly larger with a 6 to 8 foot ramp with flat top and large sloped landing area.  The Jump Line promises to deliver big air with thrills and spills.  

100 Foot Challenge
Do you have what it takes to survive THE AVALANCHE at Gateway Hills?  The terrain park crew is building a 30 foot high drop in and
100 foot long mega rail. Saturday March 4th, skiers and boarders are invited to bring their riding skills to what should be the most exciting Terrain Park event of the season. Who will be the first to ride the 100 foot mega rail all the  way to the bottom?  Winners receive a season pass to Gateway Hills and a Zimmermann's gift card for $250.  A winner will be awarded for both snow boarders and skiers.